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Dazzling Beauty

Dazzling Beauty
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Rana Khattar is a cultured Beauty Queen who hold many Local , Pan Arab and International Beauty Titles .
She is from Qtaleh a local Lebanese community , which is located in the District of Baabda , one of the administrative subdivisions of the governorate of Mount Lebanon .
Her exeperience in modeling started early at the age of 13 , she was chosen to participate in many TV advertisements wich she founded fun and exciting as a part time job in conjection with her Study .
She is a person who have a friendly character and pretty sociable easy to communicate with , in her daily routine she associate with models , actors , directors and producers wich gave her the opportunities to be highered in many differents projects :
She was chosen to cast in many adds .
She was highered for international Events as as host for the international DJ and Musicians such as : Sasha , Armen Vanburan , Tiesto , Guy Manokian ...
She was a top model for the international agencies represented in Lebanon and the Middle East such as : Socodile Holding S.A.L ( Fawaz Group ) , Benetton , Diagio , Mix Fm , Nokia , Samsung ...
She participated in catwalk for many times , she did many advertisements in the Arab World and she acted in ( cinema ) Pepsi - Produced film Sea of Stars .
She has been featured on many Local , Pan Arab magazines and news papers , Covers and websites .
She has been featured on several TV interviews such as : Ashams radio & TV channel Palestine , Orbit TV arabic channel , alhurra TV channel U.S.A
She become more and more experienced in this field .
In additional to her career she is an active healthy and sportive person .
She was nominated and eletected among 15 contestants for Miss Eyes 2013 in organization with Peace Agency Inc. and IBC International Arab Beauty Pageants Committee and in collaboration with the President of the press syndicate in Lebanon Aouni El kaaki . This beauty pageant was first time held in California USA and same title won by the famous Lebanese Star Haifa wehbe in 2012 .
Another event called ( Miss Lure of the East ) سحر الشرق , she was elected among 17 contestants as a Pan Arab beauty title who reflect the name of the country Lebanon and she hold the title in 2014 . This event was organized by Peace Agency Inc. the representative of 80 international beauty titles and the Ford Models London in the Middle East , attended with the International Arab Beauty Pageants Committee ( IBC ) and the President of the Federation of the beauty pageants in the Middle East Maroun Mrad who associate the Miss Lebanon contest and crowned Georgina Rizk before she hold Miss Universe in 1971 .
This event gave her the confidants to work harder in order to achieve more titles , the news heat the press as well as the agencies and the producers have the eye on her wich gave her the opportunity and the advantage to climb step high .
She participated with the Orphan Kids and still going and she was honored with a Certificate of outstanding performance and lasting contribution in the presence of the internal security forces and magistrates .
She attended an Official Capacity in cultural , touristic and social activities wich gave her an added value to her portofolio .
Now come the contest of Miss Intercontinental 2015 : this beauty pageant was attended by the WBO , Grand Jury and Al Sawsan Establishment International the representative of this title and many others ( Miss Earth , Miss Asia Pacific , Miss Grand International , Mr. Earth ... ) in the Middle East , Rana Khattar was elected among many contestants as one of the top five beauty titles of the the world and she hold the title in the Middle East .
This event gave her the owner to be a legal member of jury in the international beauty pageants and crowning the beauty queens such as : Miss Top Model International , Miss Intercontinental Morocco , Miss Universities ...
Meanwhile the Queen of the Year 2015 and that after she achieve the highest follow up in the Middle East on her official IG web pages : more then 1,5 million viewers on google plus and more then 500k on her instagram .
The spread in press and the popularity made Rana Khattar to become an Aesthetic Phenomenon and one of the Most Worldwide Beauty Queens Asethetic Balance ( Quarter of a million ) follow up and ( 2 million ) 2M researchers and viewers between Google Search and Google Plus .
Rana khattar released her first album in 2017 : Hollywood Rana Khattar © DVD For Hollywood producers and directors and the world which is the most expensive video sales and initiative of the minister of tourism in Lebanon Avedis Guidanian , first time filmed and launched in the Middle East , at the request of the mediators of the Hollywood world of Queen Rana Biography by filming the output and the facts of the process after their attraction to a new Aesthetic Arab Face .
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Rana Khattar has many plans for the future like participating in international red carpet events , to be classified as one of the most beautiful & influential women in the world , to be an international luxury brand ambassador and international human right ambassador .
Rana Khattar is looking through her career to reserve the true image of the arab women , and her country Lebanon the land of civilization and beauty .
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