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Attractiveness by Origin

Attractiveness by Origin
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These women do no exist.
This is the third of three images on attractiveness. Is there a universal standard of physical beauty? Is it only culture and fashion? Good skin and harmonious symmetrical features are indications of past and current health that should be attractive everywhere. On the other hand, when I look at portraits from previous centuries, the women in them do not look particularly “hot”.
Miss Universe contestants owe their delegation to a mix of local and universal standards of beauty (or at least the pageant’s version of universal). I created multi-morph composites (see some details how here) for each continent from photos of the delegates.
The Americas composite most closely resembles the one from all delegates while the Europe composite more closely resembles the one from the finalists. Bias in the judging or in the standard? Who knows?
Date: 2006-05-15 07:25:30

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There is this theory that Beautiful People are Mean so, the finalists should ressemble most All :)

I am not sure that Europe and Finalist are closer than Europe to All (or to Americas). I think the main difference is in the hair which is not representative in a morph.

Americas is clearly the closer to All, but they are the majority, so this should explain that:
Africa is more distant to All because the ratio is 9/81 whereas Americas is 30/81 and Europe is 28/81.
I think this is why Americas and Europe are closer to All.

So the biases is on the number of participants per "continents" probably.
mortimer? 2006-06-06 18:17:25
"Beautiful People are Mean"
LOL! That's because they resent being called average.
manitou2121 2006-06-08 21:31:08
the africa looks like sanaa lathan.
iolanthe_fairy 2006-11-30 04:36:29
the Americas face is lovely but she is not smiling and doesn't look cheerfuL. ^^ I am probably biased, but the Asian face looks the most charming. Not too gorgeous and looks approachable~
freddaruth 2006-12-29 15:02:01
huh? No blonde? No blue eyes?
Actually I always prefer asian, but yet...
They all look the same!
Even the black woman looks white! These fake women don't represent well their continent I think.
HARIBOAIRSTRIKE 2007-03-06 16:48:42
Try this software: -
it will enhance portraits towards a standard of beauty – very clever!
helenkbaird 2007-05-21 18:36:46
Chercher la Femme
Hi, I'm a member of a group called Chercher la Femme, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
And please remember to tag this photo "Chercher la Femme".
andzer 2007-06-01 04:11:45
deadpan sofa 2008-08-22 17:40:12
I think all images are quite pretty. Interesting stuff.
OscarFalcon 2008-10-06 14:44:35
[Looking at these I was struck by the same thought as mortimer? - that the result would be biased in proportion to the number of participants per continent.]
But I'm writing about the comment, ' . . when I look at portraits from previous centuries, the women in them do not look particularly “hot”.' I think this is may be a valid indication that evolution actually is proceeding surprisingly fast in this respect. I (an old guy in my 60's) have always had the same impression. But more significantly, to my amazement, about 10-15 yrs ago, my late mother (then in her 80's), when we were (if I remember right) looking at a photo of a young friend or relative, suddenly asked, "Don't you think girls are getting prettier than they used to be?"
I'm not at all sure that this phenomenon is a change in cultural tastes so much as a genuine case of our species actively 'selecting' for increased attractiveness in its reproductive activities.
lanceabit 2008-10-07 02:44:35
Algo digno de verse
Mexico Azul

Xtreme Image 2009-07-29 03:31:48
Amazing_Beauty 2012-10-09 18:27:49
Fantastic image! Thank you for your participation in the Creative Commons.
The Society Pages has used this image in an article about Asian beauty, beauty standards, and beauty pageants. Proper credit was provided and the image is linked back to the original source, here on flickr.
You can view the article here. Thank you again!
mgoin1 2014-06-04 23:07:43

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